Friday, January 24, 2014

I went out on the River Loop yesterday and with the fresh snow it was really
quite good. I used my classic skis with blue wax and even though it was
around +1, I had no problems.
I skied to the ski hill on the back trail and found that on the un-skied
area it was the best snow/no ice. Yes there was barely any snow under some
of the big trees 1/2 way to the hill by the river. There are some big moose
tracks punched along the trail and lots of coyote tracks as well. Either
wolf or cat tracks too. As this is a wildlife corridor, it is great to see
the wildlife using this route. Closer to the ski hill there are the usual
springs open on the trail - some I could ski over as there was a snow bridge
but the last ones I took my skis off and walked in the water and carried on.
It took me 2 3/4 hrs. pretty much straight skiing.... W

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