Thursday, March 5, 2015

This report is a little old and with this warming weather, therefore, not quite as accurate anymore, but a friend was out skiing the Syncline Cross-Country trails on Tuesday and found them enjoyable, 6-10 inches in the open, but very little under the trees.

And from Chinook-Allison a report from another skiing friend - from yesterday: Two days ago (Tuesday), Gary reported having a great ski on the recently packed trails at Allison-Chinook. I went this morning (Thursday) on the 4.8 km of Tecumseh back trails trails of Allison with Sassy and had a good ski on un-packed, cold, light snow. I skied a bit cautiously; if you would be a little out of control, you might find the occasional protruding rock somewhat troublesome. Sassy had a great time.

And I was out in Wateron yesterday, skiing up onto Forum Ridge and the conditions were very acceptable, not as much snow as you would expect this time of year, but more than enough for a good ski.

Overall though, I wouldn't be surprised if the season is ends all too soon.