Wednesday, October 19, 2011

With the 2011/12 ski season soon upon us, SCaT has decided on three dates for trail maintenance of the Syncline Cross-Country Trail system.

Here they are:

Saturday, October 22
Sunday, October 30
Saturday, November 12

Meet at the regular place, i.e. the west parking lot of the Syncline Cross-Country Trails, half way between Beaver Mines and the Castle Mountain Resort, at 10 a.m. on the two Saturdays, and at 1p.m. on the Sunday. Bring saws, loppers, etc. Plan to spend four hours clearing, and one extra hour for lunch on the Saturdays, so finish at 3pm. Plan to spend three hours clearing on the Sunday, so finish at 4pm.

We welcome any and all chain saws. We also found last year that cruising around the trails on a mountain bike makes the work go far faster, so if you have one you could bring that too, along with any bob, or trailer, to pull behind and carry tools or gear. Branch loppers are useful, hammers and mauls too.

It would be modestly helpful if all who are coming would phone Jay Allen (628-3048), for the first two, or Dave McNeill (at 627-3476) for the third, ahead of time. It isn't necessary but avoids waiting around in the parking lot.

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