Thursday, March 17, 2011

At the Syncline Cross-Country Trails after lunch today:
the temperature was a bit above freezing, and it was sunny. In the shade the snow was hard and fast on the trails, in the sun the snow had just softened up enough to give a little grip and you could swing along, very nice. In fact, I tested some off-track skiing and the conditions were excellent; the snow has settled and I didn't break through except in one spot, an open slope that faced south. So, if you have any areas you've been dying to see, but didn't have a packed trail to it, now's the time to go truly cross-country and get there.
(On another note, I was in Waterton Park, Cameron Lake, on Sunday with friends and the skiing was very good. Though the temps were above freezing, the snow temperature seemed below 0, powder snow and lots of it, and you could move all over.)
Lots of snow left everywhere.

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