Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I was out on Saturday and Sunday with Judy. On Saturday, we broke trail to the Lake
bench (Lake Loop) and had lunch. (2.5 hours - round trip) Anywhere it was
open, we had snow over our knees!!! Snowshoers where also breaking trail on
the River Loop.
Sunday we were overly ambitious and took on the Truck Box loop via the
north parking lot to #10, 12, 13 and beyond to the Truck Box and we put up
more flagging as with the snow it is hard to see the trail. We came out at the lake and headed back on the Lake Loop #7, 6, 5, and Miners trial. (4.5hours) Other x-c skiers broke
trail as well and enjoyed what was already packed.
With the -18C weather it was border line keeping our toes and fingers warm.
It helped changing mitts and gloves.
There were more deer and moose tracks over by the truck box and we saw what
I would say were a wolf or a large cat, leaping/bounding impressions in the
snow. Both days.
As we had had no wind, the snow was still hanging on in the tree limbs,
making a beautiful outing.

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