Saturday, December 5, 2009

Trails report

SCaT volunteers have been out on the trails four times this fall, clearing brush and deadfall from the trail system, and improving signage to some extent.

So the trails are pretty much a go - now for some cross-country skiiing.
Just add snow.

We've always had trouble packing new snow on the system - too few volunteers, too much work. This year may not prove any different. Because of low volunteer resources and tight finances, we've decided not to put our snow machines into service. We are trying to find others that would be willing to do so on a regular basis, but haven't landed anybody yet.

So, it may be a skiier packed process this season.

Tell us how your ski season is going this year, by submitting your comments to this blog.

Hope the week goes well. Maybe we'll see you this weekend.

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